I’m a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Peter Richtárik. Before that, I received my Master from KAUST in Dec. 2021 and B.Eng with honor from Xi’an Jiaotong University in June 2019. I’ve interned at Tencent AI Lab, CMU Xulab, NUS CVML Group, and SenseTime.

Looking for a 2023 summer internship position on machine learning optimization or federated learning!

Research Interests

  • Machine learning optimization in the large-scale data/model era.
  • Conceptual-level knowledge transfer learning: theories and applications.

Specifically, now I work on Machine Learning Optimization, Federated Learning and a bit Zero-Shot Learning.

What’s New

  • 2022.12. Attending NeurIPS 2022 in New Orleans, LA.
  • 2022.11. Reviewer for ICLR 2023, CVPR 2023.
  • 2022.10. Reviewer for AISTATS 2023.
  • New!! 2022.09. Two papers (EF-BV, VR-ProxSkip) accepted by NeurIPS 2022!
  • 2022.09. Reviewer for AAAI 2023.
  • 2022.08. Serve as an Orientation Leader at KAUST 2022 Fall.
  • New!! 2022.07. Our paper “Variance Reduced ProxSkip: Algorithm, Theory and Application to Federated Learning” is available on arXiv.
  • New!! 2022.07. HGR-Net for large-scale zero-shot learning has been accepted by ECCV 2022! Code is available here.
  • 2022.06. Reviewer for WACV 2023, BMVC 2022.
  • 2022.06. I moved from Building-1 L4 to Building-1 L2.
  • 2022.06. Reviewer for NeurIPS 2022.
  • 2022.06. Continue serving as a Student Ambassador 2022-2023 at KAUST CEMSE!
  • 2022.05. Our paper “EF-BV: A Unified Theory of Error Feedback and Variance Reduction Mechanisms for Biased and Unbiased Compression in Distributed Optimization” is available on arXiv
  • 2022.04. Our paper “Creative Walk Adversarial Networks: Novel Art Generation with Probabilistic Random Walk Deviation from Style Norms” has been accepted by ICCC 2022!
  • 2022.04. Our short paper “Language-Guided Imaginative Walks: Generative Random Walk Deviation Loss for Unseen Class Recognition using Text” has been accepted by CVPR22 L3D-IVU Workshop!
  • 2022.03. HGR-Net for large-scale zero-shot learning is available on arXiv.
  • 2022.03. Our paper VisualGPT is accepted by CVPR22! code has been released.
  • 2022.01-05. Reviewer for ECCV22, CVPR22, ICML22, IJCV, TIP.
  • 2022.02. Teaching Assistant for CS283: Deep Generative Modeling.
  • 2021.12. DACZSL is available on arXiv.
  • 2021.12. Glad to be a PhD student at Optimization and Machine Learning Lab led by Prof. Peter Richtárik!
  • 2021.12. Graduated from KAUST with a Master degree. Thanks a lot to my MS supervisor Prof. Mohamed Elhoseiny and colleagues. Also congratulations to myself!
  • 2021.11. My Master’s thesis is available, homepage.
  • 2021.11. Successfully defended my Master’s thesis!
  • 2021.05. Our unsupervised open-set recognition work has been accepted to ICIP 2021!
  • 2021.04.28. Spotlight talk of CIZSL++ at KAUST AI Initiative. link.
  • 2021.04. Our imaginative walk paper is available on arXiv! –> homepage
  • 2020.12. Our paper VisualGPT is on arXiv. code.
  • 2020.12. Our paper CIZSL++ has been submitted to PAMI. arXiv paper and code are available.
  • 2020.12. Start research internship at Tencent AI Lab.
  • 2020.08. Technical report of Legendre decomposition in machine learning is available on arXiv.
  • 2020.05. Start research at KAUST Vision-CAIR group.
  • 2020.04. Glad to be a MS/PhD student at KAUST.
  • 2020.02. Join CMU Xulab as a remote research intern.